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All sizes if dogs and cats are welcome, more than one per family.
Animals can't access to the restourant, but they can be neighbour to the swimmingpool,
on a leash.

Nuvola History

....An immaculate white ornament, on the small entrance of hotel, under a austere old brown wooden column shone out its candor ....
Suddenly the flickering light candor discovered two huge animated lights, lost, frightened by my slow walking towards him.
It was a sweet, soft puppy who found shelter in my arms, and that for me, became "Nuvola".
From small it becames big, the magical friend of my adored Aida, a schnauzer that my children had the fortune to have as a friend of their childhood.
Aida died and Nuvola pain like my and of my children become deep and inevitable ... Nuvola looked for it in every corner of the house, yawled in a heartbreaking crying, refusing also every little food bite ....
Cuddled and loved, slowly, with kind serenity find, here in the Country, again the life of the immaculate white ornament and its beautiful lights that ride now, joyful and powerful in the woods and meadows of the Locanda.....

Our friends

Elisabeth Pertoll, Luke Zoratti, Luis Maria with friends of dog Wolke, would like to thank for the pleasant welcome and spent a nice stay at La Locanda.

locanda strada della marina