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- Naturally -

During the spring and summer months "The City of Light" organizes nature walks to discover the flora Marche. Walking among the hills, olive groves and sunflowers, a botanical expert will guide you between the harmony of colors, shapes and smells of nature and rich yet spontaneous. The courses organized according to the natural cycles of the seasons, will conclude with a tasting of dishes prepared "Of course, with field grasses, herbs and early dell'Orto biological City of Light.

- Jala Natural Cosmetics -

The line of Natural Cosmetics Jala - a project of The City of Light - offers products dedicated to wellness and beauty of face and body, based on vegetable oils and essential oils selected predominantly organic. Formulas 100% green plants and flowers, delicate and derma compatible.

Wire of Light. Needle, thread, fabric and Art in Hand

The Laboratory Artistic Wire Light organizes courses in sewing to stimulate the harmony and welfare of the individual, through the expression of artistic creativity and development of skill manual. During the course of the experiment is sewing techniques, processing, creation and use of natural fabrics and yarn.

Patchwork hand.
The course proposes the creation of a small tapestry, starting with the creation of the project, to follow the various stages of processing.
-2 Lessons of 2 hours and thirty minutes each

Cutting and Sewing Base.
The course offers the basics to create clothes, know and change the paper basis, prepare and cut the fabric, sewing machine, creating a shirt or a pair of trousers.
2-course lessons, for 2 hours and thirty minutes each

The course proposes the creation of a small bag or a centrino, learning to read the pattern with different points to be used, the increases and decreases.
-2 Lessons of 2 hours and thirty minutes each

A course that provides familiarity with the Angels and teaches at achieving an Angel fabric. How to get the paper, developing the various stages of processing, preparing the fabrics, finishes and customization.